Wholehearted thanksgiving to you I will bring;
in praise of your marvelous works I will sing,
for joy I will shout and exultingly cry
in praise of your name, LORD my God, O Most High.

2 My foes were turned backward in utter despair;
they stumbled and perished because you were there.
For you have defended my right and my cause;
you sat in just judgment, upholding your laws.

3 You chided the nations, the wicked destroyed;
their names you erased and forever made void.
The foe is consumed and completely disgraced,
their cities uprooted, their memory erased.

4 The LORD will eternally sit on his throne,
establishing it for his judgment alone.
He righteously judges the world with his might;
all peoples will know that his judgment is right.

5 The LORD is a stronghold, a bulwark, a tower,
for all the oppressed in their dark troubled hour.
Those knowing your name, LORD, trust you for your grace;
you have not forsaken those seeking your face.

6 Sing praise to the LORD, who in Zion does dwell;
among all the peoples his mighty deeds tell.
The cry of the poor never fades from his ear;
their blood he avenges; he always will hear.

7 LORD, see what I suffer from malice and hate.
Have mercy! O lift me away from death's gate,
that I with the Daughter of Zion may voice
your praises, and in your salvation rejoice.

8 The nations are sunk in the pit they prepared;
their feet in the net which they hid are ensnared.
The LORD by his judgment has made himself known,
and by their own works are the wicked o'erthrown.

9 The wicked shall perish in death's dark abode,
with all of the lands who are heedless of God.
No longer forget the just cause of the weak,
nor banish forever the hope of the meek.

10 Arise, LORD, let sinners not think themselves strong;
let peoples be judged in your presence for wrong.
Strike terror within them, O LORD; make them see
that nations, though pompous, must still bend the knee.


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Songbook: Gray Psalter Hymnal

Page: 9

Song key: G

Language: English


Psalm 9
C. Ferdinand Walther

Tune Name: WALTHER



Also Known As:

Wholehearted thanksgiving

Additional Information:


Key line: Wholehearted thanksgiving to you I will bring

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